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Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker/Receiver Package review


Are you looking for the best kind of Home Theater Speaker? Are you frustrated that none are in accordance with your choice? Well, this review can help you in getting out of your frustration and getting the best kind of speaker that you are looking forward to. This review is about the Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker/Receiver Package.


To start with this Home Theater Speaker indeed has some awesome features which make it unique. Let’s take a look what they are?

  1. This speaker has 4 HDMI outputs.
  2. It has support for 3D along with that of the audio return channel.
  3. It is equipped with the latest technologies which makes it awesome.
  4. It comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  5. It has a direct digital connection.
  6. The setting can be easy changed with the onscreen view.
  7. This is the Wireless Speakers which makes it even easier to use it.


The following are the positive sides of this Home Theater Speaker which makes it a hit among the users. Let’s have a peek at what they are”

  1. It is very easy to use the speaker without any kind of hassle.
  2. The attaching of the Home Stereo is a really easy thing to do. The manual provided is easy to follow and the instructions are written in a clear manner.
  3. The sound quality of this speaker is simply awesome and you will love it from day one.
  4. It is a surround sound music system and thus you get the mind blowing sound experience which you will love to hear.
  5. This system is of top quality and thus is loved by all.


Now, when there are positive sides of a product then no doubt there will also be the negative sides. This product is also having a negative side. Some may find this product to have a low volume problem. However, that is not the problem of the speaker. Sometimes when the cable is not properly installed then that problem can arise. However, that can be easily solved by installing the cable properly.

Market review

This product has been an instant hit when it came in the market. It does have some negative sides but that cannot overshadow the positive sides it has. So, this is one of such home theater which you will surly find to the extremely perfect for yourself. Hope this Home Theater Receiver review was of real help to you.